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Plywood & Flooring Team

"Proficiency produce a variety of Flooring & Plywood Production"

We are a band of people with plywood and flooring expertise of which the combination of our experience in our management team is more than 200 years of experience. There are 2 production facilities in our organization. Welley Timber and Paft Timber. Welley Timber specialises in Veneer and Plywood production and Paft specialises in Flooring production. However both operations are managed by the same management team hence our logo “PAFT” stays true to what the team does. We produce engineered multi layered solid wood flooring.  Engineered multi layers are the most stable construction amongst the different types of engineered wood floorings. Our factories are located in mainland Penang in the municipal of Jawi. We are about half an hour drives away from Penang International Airport.

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"We have various of Fooring Design for you"

Healthy & Truly Cosy

Healthy & Truly Cosy

PAFT Timber insist on using Glue, surface materials, environmentally friendly finished, and choose the materials which is GREEN BUILDING materials, that is a truly cosy, healthy house to live.

The glue used is the lowest formaldehyde emission glue under the Japanese F4 stars glue where emission standard is 0.04 parts per million (ppm)

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"Create Eco-friendly, Safe and Healthy Product is Our Principles"