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2016 Summer Collection

Our Achievement

Certifications and Awards



"Chain of Custody Certificate"

Our top layer comes from sustainable forest from USA and Europe on White Oak and from USA on the American Walnut. Our Hevea top layer comes from plantations in Malaysia and our forested species for top layer or core layer come from PEFC certified forest in Malaysia.


Hevea or rubberwood comes from plantations in Malaysia. We have roughly 12 million hectares of rubber tree plantations in Malaysia. Rubber trees are grown for latex. Tapping of latex started when the rubber tree is about 7 years old and continues until it reaches its 25 years. After that the trees are normally cut down for replanting and the rubberwood logs are then sent to sawmills or veneer mills for further processing for the wood industry.


As for forested land, 62.5 % of the land area in Malaysia is covered by forest or forest plantations. This is more than 20 million hectares of land size in Malaysia. Majority of the forest in Malaysia is PEFC certified. Welley Timber has a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate in processing these materials. 


White Oak and walnut are sliced veneers and the rest are peeled veneers peeled at Welley Timber. Both sliced and peeled veneers have a higher yield compared sawn top layers. As such, its multiplier effect on the environment is enormous in the sense that you use less material to produce an equivalent square meter of floors