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2016 Summer Collection

Product Introduction

We produce different types of engineered wood floorings.


Multi-layered Engineered Wood Flooring

"Our Core First & Core Product."

Solid wood engineered flooring is produced directly from wood processing, a variation of solid wood floor boards which combine the properties of nature and industry. Using solid wood veneer as surface, solid wood engineered flooring is tongue and groove flooring constructed with multilayer of solid thin woods arranged in cross-grain pattern and compressed together as core materials. It is usually named after the wood species of surface layer. Currently, there are 2 types, 3 layers and multilayer of solid wood engineered floor boards, Paft products belong to the latter.



Paft produced multilayer solid wood engineered flooring’s raw materials are originated entirely from tropical forest, simple and elegant. Its core materials are multilayer thin woods constructed plywood , 7 to 9 layers usually; surface layer is made of local Kembang Semangkuk (KSK) and imported White Oak wood veneersthat showcase natural beauty and elegance of wood grains. The sheets are then glued together and compressed with heat pressure to become floor boards with T&G and total thickness around 9-15mm.

Different woods

The structures of multi-layered engineered solid wood floorings are built by arranging various layers of constructional veneers that are bonded face to face with the grain running in alternate directions. This method would prevent the floor board from dry shrinkage and wet expansion to certain extend, rendering it better dimension stability, not easy to deform and crack, thus better security and durability. It also has a better room temperature and humidity control ability and preserves the natural grain and comfort of solid wood flooring. It is more eco-friendly too. 



Evolution of Engineered Wood Flooring

"Understand the history of Wooden Flooring Structure in past hundred years"

Solid Wood

Solid Wood

- 5000 years -

Solid wood flooring has been used for centuries to provide our home with a warm and durable floor.

Engineered 3 ply

Engineered 3 ply

- Years 1941 -

Kahrs is one of the oldest manufacturers of wood flooring in the world and invented 3 layer engineered wood in 1930 and then registered this patent in 1941.This types of floor achieves outstanding dimensional stability, crack and cupping.

Engineered Multiply

Engineered Multiply

- Years 1970 -

In the 1970’s, Japan found that 3ply are not stable when use of under floor heating. A new generation of multiply flooring evolved, which construction consisted of 2 layers (tatami method) : a hardwood top layer with a multilayer support.

This was a major revolution within the wood flooring industry. It provides exceptional stability, strength and durability thanks to its engineered cross-ply construction