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2016 Summer Collection

We Warranty

every single product that we make and protect your floor in future

Limited Warranty


15 years finish warranty

PAFT flooring is protected by our exclusive formulation finishing. Although our applied finishes demonstrate very good scratch resistance, please remember that literally all finishes are liable to scratches. If the scratch is deep enough to go through the applied finishes, then the underlying layer will be revealed. Reasonable care should be taken to avoid scratches and damages from occurring.

Scratches include but are not exclusive to:

  • Scratches or damage to the floor surface as a result of moving furniture across the floor, pet’s claws or sharp pointed items are not included in this warranty
  • Damaged from foot wear including stiletto heels
  • Impact damage as a result of dropping items onto the floor

Engineered Wood Flooring

All warranties are given only to the original purchaser of our product only. Our warranties are not transferable.

Structural Warranty

We warrant that PAFT flooring will remain free from manufacturing defects, under normal use, for 15 years on the structural integrity. This warranty covers the engineered flooring in its original manufactured date. We warrant that PAFT flooring will not deteriorate or delaminate due to adhesives bond failure under normal usage for a period of 15 years when applies as according to installation guidelines and other technical information provided by the company.

Termite Damage Warranty

We warrant that no termite damages on the flooring for three years form the original manufactured date stated. In the event PAFT floorings are infected or affected by termite within the service warranty period, we will provide spot repairing service or replacement of affected area flooring. Upon notification of claim being given to us, the owner is responsible to take all reasonable steps to minimize the extent of the termite damages, immediately engage Pest Control Agent to provide termite control service prior to PAFT spot repairing and replacement servicejob. We recommend that prior to any wood flooring installation; the owner should engage a pest controller for termite infestation prevention especially if the location is known for termite infestation./p>

Warranty Exclusion

  1. Damages caused by fire, flooding, or other natural disasters or Acts of God.
  2. Changes in colour due to aging, excessive moisture (moisture content of the subfloor must not be more than 4% of the wooden floor to be installed), exposure to sunlight or an Ultra Violet ray (which may cause oxidation of finish/ stain) is not considered a defect. Certain species including but not limited to White Oak, Walnut, and Merbau are especially susceptible to colour change. Area rugs should be moved occasionally, as the block sunlight and may give the appearance of discolouration under the rug.
  3. Colour shade, or texture variations between samples are normal as woods are natural products.
  4. Visible defects must be noted by the installer and reported prior to installation so that replacement can be furnished prior to installation.
  5. Gloss reduction is not considered a wear through.
  6. Indentations, scratches or surface damages caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence or accidents.
  7. Damages from foot wear including stiletto heels.
  8. Scratches or damages to the floor surface as a result of moving furniture across the floor, pet’s claws or sharp pointed items.
  9. Discolouration as a result of extreme temperatures or heat or from incorrect maintenance such as wet mopping or cleaning with inappropriate abrasive cleaning agents.
  10. Damages caused by area with relative humidity above 70% or below 35%.
  11. Damages due to water saturation (including but not limited to) a leaky faucet, flooring, plumbing accidents, leaking appliances, broken pipe, leaking fire extinguisher, and wet mopping.
  12. Misuse or improper alterations of original manufactured products.
  13. Floors that are installed in other than owner-occupied or tenant-occupied residences.
  14. Damage due to extreme temperatures; temperature below.
  15. Degree Celsius and more than 40 degree Celsius are not covered if the humidity is not regulated between 35-70%.