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2016 Summer Collection

Our Support

We help you to maintance your floor


We Train You

"We provide Installation Training for you."

  • 1. Level the Base-floor

    1. Level the Base-floor

  • 2. Acclimation

    2. Acclimation

  • 3. Nail & Glue Free

    3. Nail & Glue Free

  • 4. No Wet Floor

    4. No Wet Floor

  • 5. Space For Expansion

    5. Space For Expansion

  • 6. Healing System Floor

    6. Healing System Floor

  • 7. Tools

    7. Tools

  • 8. Hammer Holding

    8. Hammer Holding

  • 9. Gentle Strength

    9. Gentle Strength

We Teach You

"Several flooring installation methods"

  • 1. Floating method

    1. Floating method

  • 2. Nail Down method

    2. Nail Down method

  • 3. Glue down

    3. Glue down

Quick & Easy

"We tell you step-by-step installation instructions" 

Different woods

NOTE❗ Please examine all the flooring before installing for the colour, finish, quality and style. The manufacturer will not assume anyresponsibility for the above once the product has been installed.

Maintenance Your Floor

"We teach you on floor maintenance." 


To Do

✔ Use only the right cleaning method recommended by manufacturer of cleaning pad. The pad should be slightly wet and soft.
✔ Daily maintenance includes floor sweeping, vacuum (use soft brush accessories) and/or dust mop to remove dirt and sand particles.


Not To Do

✘ Do not mop wood floor with water
✘ Do not use ammonia base cleaners
✘ Do not use detergent for dust cleaning
✘ Do not use non-floor-cleaning products
✘ Do not use sharp object to hit the wood flooring
✘ Do not maintain the floor only when finish is worn off or dirt and spills have penetrated the wood


There are a variety of hard wood detergents in the market. Please follow the instruction accordingly. Clean your floor using a water based floor cleaner that has been specifically designed for cleaning the finishes on hardwood floor. When using any wood floor cleaner which requires mixing with water, follow the mixing direction precisely. Improper mixing of detergents with water or leaving the detergent for too long can damage the wood flooring. Finished wood flooring should not be waxed. Wax based product would affect the shine of varnish surface.