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2016 Summer Collection

Special Features

High graded materials to gain customer allegiance

UV Material

High Graded Surface Material

"To increase durability of flooring"

This is UV Material.The Profile of Coatings 7-12 layers quality lacquer, low emission, unique colour, anti-abrasive.

➀ Water Based Primer
➁ Lubrication and Normal Primer
➂ Light Putty & Anti-Brasive Primer
➃ Transparent Elastic Primer
➄ UV Normal Primer
➅ Back Lacquer
➆ Anti-Abrasive Primer (Color)
➆ Anti-Scratch Primer (Gloss)

Surface Protection

Surface Protection

"High resistant to wear"

We used Klumpp UV lacquer from Germany for top layer protection. This lacquer has good abrasion resistant values and is hard wearing.


Termite Resistant Flooring

"We provide Anti-Termites Treatments to help you against Termites."

All our flooring comes with anti-termite treatment in between layers of the veneer. ( ➌ Years Warranty)

✓ Non hazardous termite chemicals

✓ Woods are dried to minimize the possibility of termite attack.

✓ Anti termites application ensures that every layer of the wood floor is protected.

Eco-friendly Glue

Eco-friendly Glue

"To build a real safe & healthy environment."

PAFT Timber insist on using Glue, surface materials, environmentally friendly finished, and choose the materials which is GREEN BUILDING materials, that is a truly cosy, healthy house to live.